Some resources and methods require authentication while others don't. Refer to the Resources section for clarification on which scenarios require authentication.

Consumer API Key and User API Key

Authentication is done by passing a Consumer API Key AND User API Key in the HTTP request header.

Consumer API Key is a unique key that represents the consumer of our API. Please contact us to receive this key. This key does not have an expiry date, but we reserve the right to revoke it if we detect abusive use of our API.

Each user of Jobcast's app has his/her own User API Key. This API key allows you (the API consumer) to make requests on behalf of the user. This API key does not have an expiry date, but the user may choose to reset it, at which time you will need to retrieve the new API key in order to continue making requests on behalf of that user.


Content-Length: 31
Consumer-API-Key: 92c73c09-aa88-43d2-9a62-062f12f23d3f
User-API-Key: 932d2608-2e18-41f7-bf24-caa922ee9d23
Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8

{"title":"Mechanical Designer"}