Jobcast API

The Jobcast API allows you to query, add, modify, and delete job postings on Jobcast's social recruitment app. The API is based on REST principles and uses JSON for serialization. The official Jobcast app has been using this API in production since December 2011 and the API is now ready for 3rd party consumption.

Base URL

All URLs start with:



The API is served over HTTPS. Unencrypted HTTP is not supported.

How RESTful?

We designed our API with RESTfulness in mind, but there are some notable exceptions:

  • PUT requests when modifying an existing resource is treated more like a PATCH request than a true PUT request. This is because we found that a true PUT request is difficult to work with, as the complete object graph must be sent with the request whenever an update is requested. Our PUT requests on the other hand supports partial updates.
  • See Known Issues for more.

API Footprint

Although the API footprint is much wider than what's documented here, only what's documented is supported. Anything that you discover that's outside of this documentation is subject to change without warning. We will expand the supported API footprint on an ongoing basis and whenever we do, this documentation will be updated accordingly.